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✨ ✨ ✨I’v created a program called Jumpstart 2021 ✨✨ ✨


Jumpstart 2021 will be an 8 week course that is a unique combination of teaching weeks, accompanied with alternate coaching weeks that will dive into understanding why we need alignment across “Body, Mind and Spirit” to be able to achieve our goals.


This course will condense a decade of learning across multiple disciplines such as


💫Goal Setting


💫Neuroscience and the biology of Neurotransmitters and how we can bio-hack our emotions

💫How stories, trauma and addiction show up in our life when we don't even know the exist

💫Food is Medicine


💫Universal flow.


This course will go where no self development or leadership program has taken YOU before and will unlock the missing piece of the puzzle that is holding you back.


This program is for you if


⚡️ You're sick of letting FEAR of failure SABOTAGE your career and life.

⚡️ You've reached a plateau in your personal and professional life, but you KNOW there's more to you than what you're experiencing

⚡️ You self medicate or distract with social media, Netflix binges, shopping, food, alcohol or substances to get through day to day life.

⚡️You're tired of listening to the voice in your head saying you're not enough, aren't capable enough, aren’t qualified enough or smart enough or aren’t confident enough

⚡️ You're resentful of yourself for staying stuck, for people pleasing, and putting others needs before your own.

⚡️ You are certain there is more to life but feel stuck in the monotony of your current reality


This program isn’t for everyone however, if any of this sounds familiar or resonates with you,

send me an sms on 0490 812 305 saying “🙌🏻 Yes I’m ready to make the change” and I will be in contact to get you started on the journey.

Teaching Sessions

Structured around Mind Body and Spirit we will explore the biology of the stress response, the fact that our thoughts play a far larger role in our outer world than we may realise and delve into strategies to bio-hack these primal responses (Mind). We will then build on that to understand the concept that Food Is Medicine and how the foods we eat have a huge impact on Brain and Mental Health (Body).  We will then delve into how both the elements of Brain and Biology impacts on our intuition and how we can open this up (Spirit).






Coaching Sessions

Using the Neuroleadership Brain Based Coaching framework we will look at your current reality relating to the 4 core modules and set goals around your future vision in these area's of your life and create actionable steps for you to move from current reality to achieving your future vision. These will be Group Coaching sessions and you will learn from others in the group also. 

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When and Where is it?


This amazing journey begins April 28th and runs for 8 weeks and will be delivered online via Google Meet.

The sessions will be held each Wednesday at  12:00pm Sydney time. The teaching weeks will be approx 45 mins + question time and coaching sessions will be up to 90 minutes depending on number of participants.  

Your Investment

Jumpstart 2021 will be limited to 10 people.


Your investment for this life changing Learning and Coaching Program is $555 payable in full by 21st April 2021

What are you waiting for? 

Book now and give yourself the best possible jumpstart to the rest of your life!