Mindset for Self 

Mindset for Self focuses on self mastery for personal and professional goals.


Understanding the basics of the brain, learning to be aware of your triggers and how to handle big emotions can go a long way to helping you function personally and professionally. 

This includes teachings about about the key organising principle of the brain, what the threat response is and the value of learning how to self regulate big emotions.


Mindset for Relationships

Mindset for Relationships focuses on building authentic relationships at work and at home, understanding the primal need for interpersonal human connection and the consequences if this need is not met.


Discover the power that happens when you learn to truly connect with those around you in both your professional and personal life. 


Mindset for Wellness

Mindset for Wellness is designed to empower individuals to reach their full potential by teaching them tools to support themselves physically and emotionally.

Using a combination of Neuroscience, Peak Performance, Meditation, Gratitude, Essential Oils and why it's critical to fuel the body and brain with water and good quality food. 


Essential Oil Education

Having used Essential Oils personally for 5 years and been educating others on their many benefits for 3 years, these gifts of the earth continue to amaze due to their benefits both physically and emotionally and I am specifically drawn to the direct link they have in supporting to the brain, focus, concentration and performance.  


Certified Trainer if the About My Brain i4 Neuroleader model 360 degree assesment tool

i4 Neuroleader Model
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