Kath Van Der Steege

Kath Van Der Steege has 10 years of Neuroleadership theory and application, and a Brain-Based Coaching qualification with more than 300 hours of coaching experience.

Kath has a deep passion for working with individuals, adults and children, teaching them to understand their own triggers and how they can bio-hack their brains and emotions to maximise their potential.


What I bring to the table

  • 25 years of corporate experience

  • 20 years of technology Industry experience

  • 10 years of neuroscience theory and practice

  • Continued education and qualifications in business management and Neuroleadership (see below for full qualifications)

  • Custom-built coaching and development programs to support organisational Gender Diversity strategies and goals 

  • Resilience and Wellbeing programs

  • Working with individuals to understand their own triggers and how they can biohack their brains and emotions to operate from their executive brain

  • Programs for teams that teach collaboration for high performance outcomes

  • Custom Program for families and children to understand the developing brain in children and teenagers and how to navigate what can be an emotionally challenging period in life.

  • 5 years Essential Oil education 

  • Skilled at reading the room to  pick up and draw out what is not being said. 

  • Intuitive Fireball



i4 Neuroleader Trainer Certification - About My Brain Institute


Brain Based Coaching Certification - Neuroleadership Institute


Masters of Business Administration MGSM


Diploma of Business Administration - MGSM


Diploma of Neuroleadership - Neuresource Group


Lorraine, Program Manager at Woolworths Group 

"I started the Mentoring Moments Program about a year ago. I was a bit reluctant to participate as I thought it might not really provide me with any value - as past experiences didn't quite add much value. I knew though, that Mentoring can be a powerful thing and if done well it can be life-changing.


I was partnered up with Kath, and from that first day, I would not have thought it would change my world. The journey was both a personal and career-orientated one, that touched on quite a few areas. With Kath as my Mentor, she provided a world of different insights and aspects that I never knew existed. Her patience and trust throughout the whole journey has led me to make changes that I would have never thought could be made or even would consider.


A year later, Kath as my Mentor, enabled key areas of change in both my personal and career life to be the most powerful experience in my life and my Woolworths career. I will be forever grateful for Kath as my Mentor and Coach, as it isn't just for a moment, but a lifetime.” 

Anzley, Program Manager at Woolworths Group 

“When I arrived at the first coaching session, I really had no idea what to expect, or what I was going to get out of the session. I knew that I wasn't happy with my current role, whilst my career was going well, it wasn't where my heart was and without sounding overdramatic I was feeling very lost and really needing direction on what to do next.


The coaching helped me to create clear goals, break actions down into small chunks and only doing a few actions every two weeks was amazing, it was achievable, whilst not always comfortable for me it felt like small steps I could take. Sticking to the actions each week, I couldn't believe how much I learnt and progressed by each coaching session


The confidence I now have in my own abilities in both work and my studies, I can't believe I didn't start this earlier. I will always be indebted to Kath for believing in me and showing me how to focus, turn my passions into my reality and effectively change my life. 


I highly recommend your coaching skills for anyone wanting to make big or small life changes.”

Rohan, Amplify Program at Woolworths Group

"Just wanted to send a personal message to let you know that I found our coaching session excellent, there were many points that resonated with me but, ultimately, it made me realize I need to get off my mental fence, back myself and just make a decision towards where my energy flows."